Fastbolt in Asia Pacific Region

Fastbolt represented in Asia Pacific region.

Kevin Lo為Fastbolt Corp. 在亞太地區的代表。Fastbolt為滿足客戶不斷演變的需求,致力於發展多元關係與強化亞太供應鏈。在台灣加入Kevin的協助,讓我們能達到在地直接溝通、培養核心供應商與驅動持續改善的理念。同時,也意味著Fastbolt能與供應商即時且同步工作與迅速的解決問題,具體展現對持續改善追求。需要品質審核時,Kevin定期地拜訪核心供應商並予以協助。Kevin的專業知識與經歷可以因應客戶在工程解決方案的各種挑戰。Kevin實地日常工作是Fastbolt在亞太地區的擴展,讓我們更有效與提昇Fastbolt對客戶的價值。

English Translation

Kevin Lo represents Fastbolt Corp. in the Far East. Fastbolt’s goal is to grow and diversify the relationships and strengthen the Supply Chain in the Far East to satisfy the evolving demand of the Fastbolt customer base. Having Kevin in Taiwan allows us to streamline communications, develop core suppliers and drive a Continuous Improvement philosophy. Kevin’s presence also means Fastbolt can work in real-time with our suppliers and quickly problem-solve and help us drive towards continuous improvement. Kevin visits our core suppliers regularly and assists in any Quality Audits that might be required. Kevin’s knowledge and experience helps us engineer solutions to challenges as well as the more complex challenges that Fastbolt might be tasked with to better serve our customers. Kevin is an extension of Fastbolt in the USA , working daily as our “boots on the ground” allowing us to be more efficient and increasing the value of Fastbolt to our customer base.