Program Management

Fastbolt specializes in supply chain management and packaging of fasteners for direct shipments to our customers.  With over 45 years of excellence in logistics, we have the expertise to support fastener management, from design, sourcing, receiving,inspection  to packaging and fulfillment.

Our network enables us to meet our customers’ demands for fasteners, backed by a highly specialized and optimized system for order processing that can accommodate each customer’s unique  demands on a daily basis.  Our service utilizes a fully integrated operating system.

Fastbolt is capable of supporting the following key supply chain items:

  • Standard or Special Fasteners
  • Simple or Complex Components
  • High and Low Volume Parts, or hundreds of line items/SKU’s
  • Expedited and Emergency Orders
  • Elimination of Mixed Parts, Wrong Parts, Missed Operations, Bad Plating

Fastbolt’s  is capable of facilitating myriad solutions,  including but not limited to:

  • JIT Delivery
  • VMI Programs
  • EDI Soultions
  • RIM (Remote Inventory Management)
  • Kanban Systems
  • Scanning Replenishment
  • Sample Retention Program
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced vendor base
  • Continuous flow of inventory
  • Increasing turnover
  • Lot Control
  • Increased productivity and output
  • Reduced in-placement cost
  • Application engineering support
  • Total customer driven demand
  • Improving responsiveness to changes in demand
  • Consignment programs
  • Fastener Symposiums for your engineering group