Our Code of Conduct

Our corporate policies are standards of conduct for engaging with stakeholders. We use these policies for navigating the decisions we face every day.

Fastbolt’s Mission

Fastbolt is dedicated to being the most reliable supplier of the best quality products. We strive to exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations in every possible way.

It begins with parts carefully matched with our supply partner and inspected to meet our customer’s application specification. It continues with a defined flow of product delivered directly to your production or automated assembly lines.  It includes value-added services that significantly reduce in-place costs and it comes full circle with the best in personal service.

The result is a customized program that ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow of precisely the parts you need, where and when you need them, while exceeding your expectations.

  1. Customer-facing, Marketing and Business Practices We provide accurate, balanced information about our products, and do not engage in activities that inappropriately benefit or influence our customers or suppliers.
  2. Prevention of Bribery and Corruption We do not promise, offer, pay, ask for or accept anything of value to improperly influence decisions or actions with respect to our business.
  3. Procurement and Supplier Relations Recognizing that our suppliers play an important role in our overall success, we establish relationships with those who provide the best overall value, and who share our commitment to quality, price, delivery, service, diversity, reputation, and ethical business practices.
  4. Trade Policy We act responsibly to move products and services across borders in compliance with the local and international trade regulations that govern our operations.
  5. Financial Integrity As responsible stewards, we believe that financial transparency and integrity is vital for safeguarding our assets, ensuring our mission and future success, and fostering trust with our stakeholders.
  6. Conflicts of Interest We recognize and disclose situations that may appear to compromise our business judgment or that may unduly influence our business, and where necessary, we implement controls to minimize risk.
  7. Transparency We are committed to being open and providing appropriate transparency while respecting proprietary information about the way we operate, so that we maintain our stakeholders’ trust and confidence.
  8. Information Management and Protection We safeguard and apply high ethical standards in the proper collection, use, management, and protection of our Company’s proprietary information, as well as information entrusted to us by others.
  9. Respect for Environmental Health and Safety We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, and partnering with suppliers who share our commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.
  10. Reporting and Responding to Misconduct We enable the Company to address potential misconduct and safeguard its reputation by speaking up when we see or suspect something improper, and we will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who raises a concern or provides information in connection with an investigation.
  11. Human Resources We foster a culture of mutual respect, dignity, and integrity, where we attract and develop highly talented, engaged, and diverse employees who are empowered to deliver excellent performance.