Proprietary Applications & Development

The selection of fasteners for a design may be seen as a simple task. In reality it is a difficult task, requiring careful consideration of temperature, corrosion, vibration, fatigue, initial preload, and many other factors.  

Fastbolt has a comprehensive offering of value-added engineering services to help reduce in placement costs:

  • Joint Design / Review
  • Product Standardization / Consolidation
  • Product Teardowns
  • Automation Assistance
  • Custom Engineering through our supply chain partners

Assembly in manufacturing consists of fastening various components into either a functioning unit or a higher level subassembly. A fastener mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. There are thousands of types of fasteners, so much is dependent on the needs of the application.

Our active engagement with any production part approval process serves as a tool for Fastbolt to ensure the product meet the customers requirements and the related process is capable of consistently producing conforming product. 

In addition, over a period of time, it becomes challenging to realize savings on a part or even a family of parts while maintaining or even improving quality. When looking to drive cost savings on fasteners, it is critical to consider not only the part cost, but also to factor in the components of total in -placement costs.

Total in -placement costs include costs such as logistics, procurement, material flow, design, joint preparation, scrap or rework, quality/inspection, and assembly. There is significant time and labor expense consumed just getting material to the point of assembly and the fastener put to work.  

At Fastbolt we recognize the importance of improving productivity and cost benefit while at all times addressing a quality solution. Fastbolt provides support during the early design stages of product design or re-design and our quality department offers modern measuring and testing, ensuring a quality product.